Postmaster Email Server
Improves Your Executive Productivity! lots of time, money and hassle!

  • Give individual ID
  • Stop worrying
  • Forget about long lines
  • Put your complete office memo system on email.
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Postmaster Email Server

Are you wondering how can Postmaster do it?

It's really very easy! Just install PostMaster Email Server on one node on the LAN. The outgoing email from each desktop on the LAN will be collected at Postmaster and uploaded to the Internet from a single point. Similarly, all the incoming emails will get downloaded by Postmaster email server and automatically get distributed to the individual desktops.

PostMaster email server is used by over 7500 customers worldwide. Join them! You can also contact Ebizindia for an elegant email hosting solution.

The whole process of uploading and downloading of emails is totally automatic and unattended. You can even work on this email server computer - a dedicated computer is not required for installing PostMaster email server.

You do not need to allow Internet access to each executive, thereby saving a lot on Internet access charges and reduced productivity.

Desktop on LAN

PostMaster Mail Server lets you send and receive email from any desktop on LAN - no need for a modem with every computer.

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Email Server

It allows you to allot individual email ids like [email protected] to every executive.

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PostMaster supports multiple domains. You can send/receive emails from all the domains that your organisation uses.

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Postmaster Archive

You can set PostMaster to archive (create copies) of all the incoming and/or outgoing mails for security purposes.

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