PostMaster Express
Features, Benefits and Evaluation Criteria

PostMaster Express is the simplified and streamlined version of Postmaster email server, India's best-selling e-mail server. it is extremely simple to set up, configure and maintain. You will love Postmaster Express if you want to provide e-mail to all users, but do not want to commit too much resources to administer and maintain.

PostMaster Express has a wizard-based configuration. Its application interface and the internal optimization make for an application that handles your e-mail and frees you to handle your work.

PostMaster Express also allows you to plug in AvAc, the anti-virus application designed and optimized for PostMaster; ensuring that your network is substantially protected from e-mail borne viruses. Giving you control over the content that enters and leaves your network.

PostMaster Express - Features & Benefits

  • Branding a key communications medium: Given the role of e-mail in communications today, having e-mail ID's of the type [email protected] for all your people is as important as your company name and logo. PostMaster Express lays the foundation for implementing this.
  • Impact on Productivity: Postmaster Express immediately brings in internal e-mail. And then packs in a number of features that allow you to monitor and improve on your organization's communications efficiency.

    For instance, you can archive all your incoming and outgoing messages, set automated responses that acknowledge incoming messages, create department-level ID's that forward to multiple real users, and much more.
  • Superb value for money: Starting from making best use of your Internet Connection and not requiring a dedicated machine, Postmaster Express email server ensures that your investment pays backfor itself in very quick time. And if you were to put a value on the time your people spend on accessing the Internet and the Web, which gets eliminated the moment you put Postmaster Express in place, you'll wonder why you waited.

Postmaster Express Email Server - Evaluation Criteria
You need Postmaster Express if any of the following statements describes your need:

  • You have at least 3 users who cannot function effectively without frequent access to e-mail. (This could be your branch office also)

  • You want to do away with the number of Internet connections that you have to maintain at this time.

  • You're keen to implement a standard e-mail ID format across your organization.

  • You wonder whether people are using e-mail for personal purposes more than official.

  • You're not sure whether your e-mail is being responded to on time.

  • There have been too many disruptions of your network due to virus infections - people outside are complaining of infected e-mail from your network.

  • Your administrator is forever troubleshooting e-mail related complaints.

  • You feel your organization is not making best use of e-mail.

If one or more of the above statements is applicable to you, then do get in touch and we'll be happy to tell you what more you can achieve with Postmaster Email server, including the more power packed and productivity oriented Postmaster Enterprise.