From the developers of Postmaster™ comes SurfConsole, a proxy server that works as a control system for optimizing work-related usage of Internet resources.

SurfConsole is a proxy server that enables multiple users to access the Internet simultaneously through one shared Internet connection. SurfConsole allows organizations to give controlled access to the Internet. Its features like "activity logging" and "white" and "black" lists of sites ensure that the web is used for only business purposes.

SurfConsole is part of the IQuinox corporate messaging suite. IQuinox provides complete Internet-based corporate messaging services - e-mail & Internet. It also provides security via gateway level anti-virus software. IQuinox helps in managing bandwidth as well as monitoring enterprise wide usage of Internet resources.

Getting that protection at the email server level - which is the gateway into your network - tackles the potential threat before it has a chance to penetrate further into your network.

SurfConsole Benefits

SurfConsole puts you in control and gives you a choice - to completely control, or set up a reassuring mix of useful and controlled Internet access, It's a tool that you can use in perfect harmony with your organizational policies.

Bandwidth Optimization

  • Save bandwidth by blocking heavy ad images & downloads.
  • Load from cache of static pages of frequently visited sites.
  • For dial-ups, dial only when there is request for browsing.


  • Restrict access with site filtering by specifying a black list of URLS.
  • Monitor browsing activity through logging and real-time monitor.
  • Control nature of browsing by restricting access to protocols(SOCKS for Instant Messengers, RAV for Streaming audio video, etc.)


  • User authentication ensures only valid usage.
  • Access Control List to prevent hackers.

The IQuinox element

  • Seamless Integration: In general, SurfConsole and Postmaster™ Enterprise work very well together.
  • Bandwidth Allocation Manager: Use the Bandwidth Manager to specify the maximum amount of bandwidth that Postmaster Enterprise or SurfConsole or both are entitled to use.

Now, prevent those exasperating situation where those important proposals are stuck because young trainee is busy downloading the latest MP3 songs.

  • User Synchronization: Additionally, SurfConsole and Postmaster™ share the same username and properties,reducing your administrative overhead.

To know more about SurfConsole, Postmaster Express, Postmaster Enterprise and IQuinox suite, and how these have a direct and measurable impact on communications productivity, please write to arun @ . We'd be happy to arrange a meeting, assess your present communication infrastructure and set up an evaluation for you.