IQuinox - Beyond Connectivity - to Productivity

IQuinox has a simple objective - to maximize the productivity of Internet-based communications. It's based on the evolution in the way the Internet is used in organizations today, on suggestions, comments, loud thinking, feedback and plain common-sense inputs from a large number of organizations.

7 years and 4000+ installations later, the community of Postmaster customers makes up a large and very demanding group. Almost every aspect of product development has been based on inputs and requirements from this group. And the single common aspect that cut across all the inputs was - the need to achieve greater productivity over digital communication.

At the risk of stating a truism - productivity requires processes. Thus, the key to productivity lies in the ability to define, implement, monitor and evolve procedures and processes. IQuinox has been designed to allow you to set up, monitor and keep refining your Internet communications.

It does this by providing you with a platform and a set of components that are governed by the platform.

Simply put, the Iquinox platform is a way to manage users through rules spanning all the applications in the IQuinox suite - at this time Postmaster Enterprise, SurfConsole & AvAc. And this list is set to grow rapidly to cover the wireless and instant messaging spaces and than more.

Over and above the productivity features of its components, the IQuinox platform allows you to:

  • Manage Users Across Applications - Implement and monitor a consistent user and usage policy for Internet communications. This way you manage the users and their access permissions across all the applications that form the IQuinox suite.
  • Manage Bandwidth - Prioritize among the IQuinox applications themselves and decide which gets to use how much bandwidth. Avoid those familiar and annoying complaints of e-mail getting held up due to web surfing and so on.

With a lot more to come in terms of rule sets and workflow.

At this time the IQuinox suite consists of

  • Postmaster Enterprise - Designed for the organization that's looking beyond just providing e-mail to its people, Postmaster Enterprise encourages you to go under the hood and set up an enterprise e-mail productivity framework. It stretches India's best-selling mail server Postmaster even further.
  • SurfConsole - A perfect complement and consort to Postmaster, meant to provide regulated Web access within the organization. The IQuinox framework allows for building and ensuring a consistent and regulated policy for Web surfing, through group-level and user-level control and monitoring features.
  • AvAc - AvAc delivers anti-virus protection at the point of entry into the network, rather than when the infection has spread into the network. With a robust attachment and content filtering mechanism to boot, it allows you to screen viruses, malicious and objectionable content at a single point - right at the gateway.
  • GatePass - GatePass combines multiple anti-spam methodologies in a layered sequence to provide a world-class spam detection system. Features Bayesian engine for collaborative learning, which makes the system personalized to organization's definition of spam, and blocks it at the perimeter.

To know more about IQuinox suite of applications and how these have a direct and measurable impact on communications productivity, please write to [email protected].