PostMaster Enterprise
Features, Benefits and Evaluation Criteria

Postmaster Enterprise has been designed for the organization that's looking beyond just e-mail to all its members into the next level - ensuring the e-mail is used to optimize productivity and effectiveness.

Postmaster Enterprise is the standard bearer of the Iquinox platform comprising of Postmaster email servers - a framework that provides user customizable rules to introduce process and measurability into the Internet communication channels that an organization uses. The Robot Service of Postmaster Enterprise is an extension of this rules framework into Postmaster Enterprise.

Starting with its browser based interface to allow 'anywhere , anytime access,' Postmaster Enterprise has been designed keeping the administrator in mind. More importantly, it is built keeping in mind the administrator's need to implement and keep evolving a robust and scalable e-mail usage policy for the organization.

Check out these new features--

  • Activating automatic delivery notifications from a remote Postmaster (Express or Enterprise)
  • Multiple domain support
  • Rules-based Robot Service

Postmaster Enterprise also allows you to plug in AvAc, the anti-virus application designed and optimized for Postmaster; ensuring that your network is substantially protected from e-mail bourne viruses. And gives you even more control over the content that enters and leaves your network.

PostMaster Enterprise - Features & Benefits

  • Beyond Branding - Standardizing communications: Postmaster Enterprise completely understands your need to handle multiple domains and sub-domains. And goes a step further - it allows you to build a standard and unique footnote for each of these domains. When combined with the Robot Service, this becomes a very powerful tool.
  • Rules, Processes, Productivity: The rules framework of the IQuinox suite would give you an idea of all that's possible within Postmaster Enterprise - smart auto-responses, archiving and back-up of e-mail, mail routing through customizable rules, user and message prioritization, the list is too long to mention here.
  • Robust, Scalable, Customizable: Starting from making best use of your bandwidth and communications infrastructure, Postmaster Enterprise lays the foundation on which your organization's communications policy can be built. It allows you to implement guidelines for response levels, routing and back-up mechanisms, and most importantly gives you the means to monitor and re-engineer these processes over time.

Postmaster Enterprise - Do you need it?

You need Postmaster Enterprise if any of the following statements describes your need:

  • E-mail is the most important medium of communication for your organization; but users still tend to use the phone to check if e-mail has been received!
  • You encounter complaints about e-mail taking too much time, or not knowing whether e-mail has reached even within your organization.
  • You need to manage e-mail ID's based on more than one Internet domain - and maintain standards and response levels for all of them.
  • You're sure that many people are abusing their e-mail privileges, but don't know what to do about it.
  • You're not sure if e-mail is responded to on time, but don't know if this can be monitored & how.
  • There have been too many disruptions of your network due to virus infections - people outside are complaining of infected e-mail from your network.
  • Your administrator is forever troubleshooting e-mail related complaints.
  • You feel your organization is not making best use of e-mail.

If one or more of the above statements is applicable to you, then do get in touch and we'll be happy to tell you what more you can achieve with Postmaster Enterprise.